Fall 2018 Hair Trends You’re About To See Everywhere

As far as the changing seasons go, we southern states are always late getting the memo that fall is actually here. While people up north are digging out their jackets and boots, we’re still slathering on the SPF. But we CAN stay on-par with our chillier sistas where fall style is concerned. Even if the sun is still blazing, we’re happily transitioning to autumnal style trends we’ve spotted on runways and red carpets. Here are some of our fave ways to freshen up our looks for the season.


It’s back to the 70s with this simple, down-to-earth style that looks effortlessly cool. Whether you have bangs or not, fear not, you can rock a center part. If your hair is fine or thin, keep those face-framing locks from going limp by teasing the roots and hitting them with a texture spray (we love Aveda Texture Tonic or Thickening Tonic, depending on how much volume you need). Then brush it out with an Aveda Paddle Brush and split it right down the middle.


Move over strawberry blonde; buh-bye delicate auburn. This fall’s reds are full-on, in-your-face, and will never leave people wondering if you were born with it. Red hair is naturally striking, and this season is all about turning it up to 11 with high-voltage, saturated tones.

As with any hair color, the key to rocking a brazen red is coordinating it with your skin and hair tones. Do you have cool undertones? Go for reds with a hint of blue, like cranberry or burgundy. Warm undertones? Your reds should contain the tiniest bit of orange or yellow—think chili pepper or flaming copper. Olive complected? True reds like ruby or scarlet (shown) are your jam. Whatever shade you and your colorist choose, keep it red hot with Aveda’s Color Conserve line. (Can’t let that maraschino cherry fade to a prim pink, now can we?)


Braid styles are definitely not going away, and in fact the trend continues to build. Work a braid into any hair style and you’re immediately fashion forward. Better yet, incorporate two or three or five braids—the more the merrier. Have fun with it! If you normally rock a messy bun, whip out a quick Dutch braid on one side, bun it up with the rest of your hair and voila, you’ve taken your look from, “I didn’t have time to style my hair” to “I’m a fashion blogger.” Instead of a basic ponytail, pull your hair over to one side and braid it, leaving a few strands free. If loose waves are your thing, weave five or six skinny braids through the top, middle and undersides that will peek out from time to time and create interest.

Knowing how to do a regular three-strand braid is good; but even better? Being able to perform slightly more advanced braids like the French braid, Dutch braid (which is a French braid, but you’re pulling the strands underneath instead of over) or a fishtail braid. They’re not hard with a little practice, and they can take any basic style from ho-hum to HEY NOW.


Also called a smudge root, this is our favorite lived-in, low-maintenance color trend for fall 2018. Intentionally leaving the roots a bit darker while handpainting natural, dimensional color on the rest gives hair a naturally sunkissed effect (like you got those highlights on a beach, rather than a bottle). Then it grows back without obvious lines of demarcation, keeping that lived-in look going for months— and letting YOU go longer between color appointments.


While all fashion colors are staying on top of the hair-trend chart, purple reigns. (See what we did there?) Maybe it’s because Ultra Violet was Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2018, maybe it’s because purple has historically been associated with royalty, or maybe it’s because things that are purple in nature are intrinsically pleasing (lavender, blueberries, amethyst). Whatever the reason, purple is a frequently-requested fun color for hair—from the lightest lilac to the richest eggplant—and we’re absolutely here for it. If you’re not ready to go full-on plum, try streaks, tips, peek-a-boo color or extensions in your favorite shade of purp.

Following trends can be tricky. The most chic people don’t follow seasonal fads slavishly, but figure out how to incorporate them into their personal style. That leaves them always on the cutting edge of fashion, but staying true to their own stylish sense of self. Interested in any of these fall 2018 hair trends, but not sure if you can pull it off? Come on into any of our nine salon locations in Texas and Louisiana, and we’ll be all too happy to customize the look so you will rock any of these trends like only YOU can.

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