The Lowdown on Lash Lifts

We’ve all been there—trips to the store to grab another box of false lashes or a fresh tube of mascara are anything but few and far between. You’ve tried extensions, but you want a natural look that’s safe, effective and long-lasting. We hear you, and we’ve got the perfect solution at Boeau Belle: keratin lash lifts.

Looking Down
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How It Works

The keratin treatment is designed to “lift” your natural lashes. Overall, it’s pretty simple—we’ll place silicone pads under your eyes and apply a keratin solution to each individual lash, which will semi-permanently lift the lashes. The entire process takes around 45 minutes. Afterwards, you’ll leave with a fuller and more defined look—no curling required!


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Why We Love It

The process is simple and safe (though it’s always a smart move to alert your esthetician of any allergies). With no harsh chemicals or glue involved, it’s near perfect for everyone—including those with sensitive eyes. Best of all, results can last anywhere from 8-12 weeks. While your resulting lashes will be dramatic enough that you’re certainly able to ditch your mascara, you can also continue using it to intensify the effect.


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See For Yourself

Ready to say goodbye to your curler and wake up with flutter-worthy lashes, every morning? Request an appointment online.

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