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We’ve got good news: our team is growing. And whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the industry for years, we encourage you to apply. Currently, we have a multitude of positions open including Retail Specialists, Guest Concierges, Threading Artists, Nail Technicians, Estheticians, Apprentices, Junior Stylists, Senior Stylists, Salon Leads and Creative Directors.

Founded in 2012, we’re still fairly young—which means you’ll be part of an energetic team with access to endless opportunities. In established salons, the positions you’ll spend the better part of your career working toward are filled. But at Boeau Belle, they’re yours for the taking.


Speaking of those top stylist positions: when you reach them, we’ll sit down and discuss opportunities for ownership. Yep, you can work toward owning part of the salon.

It’s also worth noting that we’re 12 locations-strong across three states and still growing. That’s exciting for us and for you—because if you ever get an itch to pack up and move to a new part of the country, you can. With Boeau Belle, transfer opportunities are available.

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At Boeau Belle, we believe learning never ends. Committing to continuing education keeps us ahead of the curve, enables us to provide better services for our guests and inspires us each and every day. When you join our team, you’ll be joining a salon that encourages you to continually grow and learn.

That’s why we not only offer in-salon education on Mondays and Tuesdays, but also encourage our stylists to seek education opportunities outside the salon. And if you’re in good standing and are consistently meeting benchmark goals, Boeau Belle will help cover your expenses.


In the beauty realm, creativity is key. That’s why we encourage you to exercise your own—which includes acting independently, being yourself and thinking outside the box. And when you come up with a bright idea? We’d love to hear it. Our management is approachable and always willing and ready to talk about whatever is on your mind, from your plans and feedback to hair formulas to the latest episode of The Bachelor.


While most of our locations are Aveda-exclusive, a few of our salons also carry Sundari and Kevin Murphy. All three of these brands represent who we are: they are environmentally-friendly, cruelty-free and organic whenever possible. They’re also highly effective and results-focused.

If you have more experience with other brands, don’t worry. You’ll spend six months as an apprentice, during which time we’ll work with you to help learn the ins and outs of the ones we carry. Trust us—you’ll love working with them as much as we do.


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At Boeau Belle, we understand the desire for finding the perfect work/life balance. That’s why we’re flexible with our employees who are in good standing. Our Human Resources Department would be more than happy to sit down and discuss a work schedule that suits your needs.

Source: Boeau Belle

Source: Boeau Belle

That being said, our employees like coming to work! In the photo above, two of our stylists went out of their way to cheer up another coworker by bringing her lunch and her favorite drink. While we don’t always capture every moment on camera, we’re proud to say these moments happen often. At Boeau Belle, your coworkers are more like family.


We’re excited to be expanding and we’re excited about the future of our team. If you’re interested about becoming a part of a tight-knit, growing team that allows for daily creativity and independence, we’d love to hear from you. Send an email with your resume, qualifications and experience to

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