The Do’s and Don’ts of Growing Your Hair Out

Whether you’re growing out a bob or pixie cut or just want your long hair to be, well, longer, we know the process of getting there can feel daunting. While waiting is never fun, there are a few tips and tricks you should know in the interim to make the process a smooth (and hopefully, shorter) one.

Tip 1: Drink water, and lots of it

Healthy people grow healthy hair. And while you can’t control how fast your hair grows, you can make sure you’re taking the right steps to care for yourself (and by extension, your strands). Taking in the recommended 8 ounces of water a day will help your hair—and your overall wellness. Drinking water helps to flush out toxins and helps your hair stay hydrated.


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Tip 2: Choose products wisely

The right ones can definitely aid in your growing-out process. Aveda’s aptly-named Damage Remedy line, for instance, is full of products that will help keep your hair strong and intact as it adds inches. Lately, we’ve been particularly smitten with the new Split End Repair. While regular trims are necessary to truly banish split ends, this nangai oil-rich treatment is a must-have for the days in between. Not only does it seal split ends through your next wash, it also helps prevent new ones from forming.


Source: Aveda

Tip 3: Avoid the heat

We’re all guilty of using too much heat, and especially come winter, it’s nearly impossible to avoid. Still, when growing your hair out, it’s best to limit your hair’s exposure to heat styling as possible—and to make smart choices when you do. That means making heat protectant an absolute must, actually using your diffuser attachment, styling on a low heat option, and waiting for your hair to air dry as much as possible before bringing out the blow dryer.

Tip 4: Get your scalp in shape with Invati


Source: Aveda

It might not make your hair longer—but it will give you thicker, fuller hair and help maintain an optimum environment for hair growth. Just like your face, your scalp needs regular (but gentle!) exfoliation to stay healthy—and your hair needs a healthy scalp to reach great lengths.

From the start of your growing-out process to the much-deserved end, your Boeau Belle hair experts are here to help with trims, blowouts and moral support. Give us a call or go online to book!

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