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The right hair color doesn’t just bring luster and vibrancy to your hair. It should complement your coloring, express your personality and even shave a few years off your look. When you think about it, the right hair color is just as essential as the perfect shade of lipstick-- maybe even more important, hair color is one cosmetic accessory you wear around the clock. Here’s what’s happening in hair color right now- the most wearable and flattering trends we’d recommend you consider now.


Tip 1: Fashion colors work with any age group

These days, your hair color choices aren’t limited to the brunettes, reds, and blondes appearing in nature. There’s a whole ROYGBIV (that’s red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, for those of you who aren’t color theory nerds) of options. These bright, uplifting fashion colors grab attention, so if you opt for one, prepare to turn heads. They’re great choices for on-trend individuals who love the spotlight, and they aren’t just for the underage set. Women of all ages can express themselves with bright, fun color, whether they go full-on with all-over color or choose to pop just a few bold streaks near the nape of the neck, that only show when hair is pulled up or tucked behind the ear. Pro tip: getting a glossing treatment in between color appointments is a great way to keep these Technicolor hues their brightest.


Tip 2: Your skin tone is your color compass

You’ve heard it said that you should choose colors that complement cool or warm complexions, but, um, what does that actually mean? It’s simple. Most people have either olive (warm) or pinkish (cool) undertones. If you’re not sure which describes your skin, look at your veins: blue veins indicate pink undertones and green indicate olive skin. You could also be a mix of olive and pink, in which case, any color will flatter your complexion. A rule of thumb is that pinker complexions should avoid warm colors and opt for ash blondes and coffee browns, while olive complexions look best with warm colors like golden blondes or chestnut browns. If you’re overwhelmed or unsure about your skin tone, don’t worry. Expert colorists at Boeaubelle receive advanced education on exactly these topics--and every color appointment comes with a free consultation, so you’ll leave with a hue customized especially for you.


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Tip 3: Open your mind when it comes to covering gray

While gray hair can look striking, not everybody is ready to rock the silver fox look. With naturally derived Aveda color formulas, your stylist can give you a gorgeous hue that completely covers grays. Lifting hair to a gorgeous, golden blonde is another option for women with a lot of white hair. The right hair color doesn’t just cover grays, it can even reflect light onto the face in a way that feels decidedly youthful, turning back the clock a few years--no chemical peel or injections required.


Tip 4: Consider the low-maintenance beauty of balayage

If you’ve heard this term before and weren’t sure what it meant (or how to pronounce it), you’ve come to the right place. Pronounced “bah-lee-ahge,” it’s an advanced highlighting technique where the stylist hand-paints lightener onto only the mid-sections and ends of the hair. The effect is a multidimensional, sun-kissed, natural appearance. Best of all? Because the roots are left unlightened, regrowth is not so obvious. This means longer time between appointments. It makes balayage the perfect choice for those who want low-maintenance hair without sacrificing a gorgeous look.


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Take note- we feel like this is a golden age for hair color. There are few rules, low-maintenance reigns, and lots of new trends to try. We’d love to have you in to talk about your new hue, just call us for a free consultation.

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