Beauty Trends To Avoid Like the Plague

Trends are, by their very nature, fleeting. They come and go—in varieties good and bad. Unfortunately, from time to time, the bad ones resurface. Here, we’re highlighting four crazes that we, your trusted beauty experts, recommend you avoid altogether in 2017. 

Let’s talk lips

We’re not sad to see the Kylie Jenner/Angelina Jolie ultra-luscious lip craze gaining less and less traction. It not only resulted in some serious faux pas, it was also borderline dangerous. The “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge” that stormed the internet earlier this year left many people’s lips bruised and bleeding, and some of the products that promise a plump pout can be harmful. While naturally full lips are beautiful, there’s no longer a need to try to achieve them through unnatural means.

And while we’re on the subject,  let’s make it official: it’s time to say goodbye to unmatched lip liner. When lining this year, match the shade of your lipstick to the shade of the liner—using two contrasting shades is out.

Source: Instagram/E! Online

Thin brows are a thing of the past

Lush, thick brows are here to stay, and over-plucked ones are officially a thing of the 90s. If you need a little help achieving the look or taming yours, call us. We can help you create appearance of thicker, fuller brows with brow tinting, or gently shape and remove stray hairs with threading services. 

Source: Marie Claire

Don’t skimp on your skin care routine

Skincare is so, so important. So what’s out? Thinking that taking a shortcut is okay. It’s not. Yes, you need to apply SPF in the winter. No, you shouldn’t climb into a tanning bed. Yes, you need to remove your makeup every night. No, you can’t skip moisturizer. Be kind to your skin, and it will be kind to you. 

Source: Aveda

Pro tip: One super simple thing you can do to help your skin stay healthy is to throw out your old makeup. All makeup comes with an expiration date, and keeping that near-empty container of dry mascara lying around certainly won’t do you any good. 

Go (almost) all natural

While we admire and give all the props to Alicia Keys for going make-up free in 2016, we know not everyone has the confidence to bare all (us included). What we can rock is barely-there touches of makeup meant to give the impression you’re not wearing any. That means saying goodbye to caked-on, heavily contoured makeup while holding tight to the necessities known as mascara and lip gloss. Because let’s get real. How many of us really #wokeuplikethis?

Source: Cosmopolitan

While we love experimenting and will happily give most beauty trends at least one try, don’t forget that the classics never fail you. 2017 could be a good year to invest less time in trends, and more time in the daily routines that have you looking and feeling your most beautiful—inside and out. 

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