Earth Month: Ways to help protect the planet

There’s nothing like spring to make you appreciate the outdoors—the tulips are blooming, the days are getting longer and the weather is warming up. We’re thankful for the sunshine and the chance to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. We can’t imagine our lives if we couldn’t. That’s why we’re participating in Earth Month—to help save the planet and preserve it for generations to come.

Small steps that make a big difference

We won’t save the planet on our own, and we know that. But, we also know that every little bit helps. Since 1999, Aveda has raised more than $50 million for environmental causes and more than $44 million for clean water projects here at home and abroad. Those are staggering numbers that resulted from millions of people like you making small contributions that added up. At Boeau Belle, there are plenty of easy ways to be a part of that.

Source: Aveda

Source: Aveda

When you make a $5 donation toward our Earth Month efforts, you'll automatically be entered to win an Aveda gift basket valued at $100. In addition, Aveda’s launched a candle specifically for Earth Month. And if you’re looking for more of a sure bet, we recommend scooping up a limited edition Light the Way candle. 100% of the $12 purchase price supports clean water projects around the world. In fact, just one candle can actually provide a year’s worth of drinking water for a person in Madagascar. (The glorious scent doesn’t hurt, either.)

On an even sweeter note, we’ll also be hosting bake sales throughout the month. The cookies are both delicious and adorable—and in our experience, they taste even better when you know that they’re helping support clean water projects. ;) Stay tuned to our Facebook page for details on when and where to purchase!

Source: Boeau Belle Salon

Source: Boeau Belle Salon

Cost-effective ways to take part

We also hope you’ll consider looking at steps you can take to be more environmentally-friendly in your own life. Like, say, not washing your hair. Really, we give you permission to do so. Actually, though, skipping a wash or two will not only help your hair—over-washing can lead to dryness—but will save water, too (less time in the shower = lower water bill). When skip-day comes, be sure to use Aveda’s Shampure Dry Shampoo and its newest counterpart Shampure Dry Thermal Conditioner to keep your hair looking fresh.

Besides saving water, there are a multitude of other small tasks you can do every day to make a huge difference. Instead of throwing that plastic water bottle away, recycle it. Live close enough to work? Why not bike? When all of us commit to small changes like these together, the impact on the environment can be profound.

Source: Aveda

Source: Aveda

Big or small—consider taking part

Earth Month is a great time to stop and think about your impact on the world. Chances are, there are small things you can easily do to make our world a better place. Stop by to see us at Boeau Belle—we’re keeping the celebrations going all month long!

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