Lashing it Out: Flare vs. Mink Lashes

If there’s one thing we love more than a new season, it’s new makeup trends—and this spring, it’s all about the eye. We’re talking bold, beautiful cat eyes and bright eye shadow palettes, but our personal favorite? Long, luscious lashes.


Here at Boeau Belle, lashes are one of our favorite services to do. Ahead, you’ll learn about two of our favorite types, flare and mink lashes, and why we’re loving them for upcoming events, or even just a way to give your look a refresh for the new season. (We’d say now’s a great time to perfect your winks, too!)




Flare lashes, also called traditional individual lashes, are very similar to hair extensions. To apply, we add the lashes one by one, attaching them using an adhesive onto your natural lashes. Flare lashes make your lashes thicker, longer and stronger, lasting you up to eight weeks. For proper definition and an extended wear, we’d suggest coming in for a touch-up every four weeks.

Flare lashes are great for parties, special events and formal occasions—with their long length and individual application, you’ll achieve a more natural, but bold look—the perfect balance that makes an impressionable pop.




Mink lashes are made from natural mink fur, which makes for a light, soft and fluffy look to your lashes. Free from any chemical processing or dyes, mink lashes are a comfortable, everyday way to rock the runway trends. Similar to flare lashes, upkeep is key, and a touch-up every four weeks is your best bet to maintaining mink lashes.

Because of their high quality hair and natural appearance, mink lashes are a match made in heaven for your everyday look.


Of course, flare and mink lashes aren’t the only ways to achieve a wink-worthy look—we offer lash tinting and keratin lash extensions, too! There’s so many ways to get the lashes of your dreams—it all depends on your lifestyle, budget and commitment level. Once you find the lash service that’s right for you, you’ll be throwing around that wink emoji more than you ever thought possible.

To book a service or learn more about our lash options, head on over to any of our Boeau Belle Salon locations in Texas and Louisiana.

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