The New Way to Nail It

When life’s just a little much, nothing picks you up like a manicure or a pedicure. Easy ways to polish your appearance, they complete any look, reflect your current mood, or just be a nice change. Burnt reds may convey your sultry side, while grayish purples can bring out your more modern self. Maintaining your nails is a great way to revamp your style— in a low-commitment kind of way. Nail care is also changing for the better—our natural manicures and pedicures combine Aveda’s green philosophy with the latest trends.

Gentle Is In

There IS an alternative to harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances! Our philosophy for manicures and pedicures is about gentleness. Warm towels and personalized massage techniques accompany naturally-derived products. In our nail services, we use Aveda’s Caribbean Therapy line, which hosts silky ingredients and warm island bouquets that melt into your skin, restoring hydration and revealing radiance.

Let’s Get Personal—Aromas Made for You

Why be like everyone else? We believe in a customized experience, right down to the aroma. You’ll start out your experience breathing in two or three Aveda signature oil blends and enjoy the one you’re most drawn to throughout your treatment. We can even recommend the calming Stress-Fix aroma of lavender, lavandin and clary sage—all clinically proven to reduce stress—to rejuvenate tired hands and feet.


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Beyond the Polish—Anti-Aging Exfoliation

After you’re stress-free and fully ready to relax, it’s time to polish your skin—your nails come later. The world can be a harsh place, especially for your hands, which are the most exposed part of your body. Over time, the daily accumulation of sun and environmental pollutants can lead to damage. Boeau Belle Salon and Spa uses Aveda products, whose plant-powered ingredients address and help lessen the signs of aging and harm. Aveda’s Hand Relief cream, applied in each manicure, contains ingredients like the nourishing, exotic Andiroba oil from Brazil. The oil contains vitamins A, C and E, which work as natural antioxidants healing the skin. Another treatment option for overexposure is the Botanical Skin Resurfacing Treatment—it rejuvenates from within. (Pro Tip—don’t forget to protect your hands with Aveda’s Daily Light Guard dual protection UVA/UVB defense sunscreen. Nothing beats sunscreen in the defense against aging hands!)


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Extend Your Look With Shellac

You might be one of those handful of people who has chip-immune nails. If you don’t possess that superhuman power, shellac might be the answer when life turns flawless nails into a patchy, uneven display too quickly. Shellac can last for two weeks and does not damage nails upon removal. It can be removed gently without scraping or filing.

Your Natural Escape

You deserve a luxurious experience that makes you feel good about your nails (all while being gentle to the earth and all its inhabitants). You’ll walk out feeling refreshed and new, and your hands and feet will thank you!

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